The Journeys of the Incredibly Human book


My husband, Jeff and I are trying to place a copy of Incredibly Human: Community in the First Creation in as many U.S. states and cities as possible, as well as internationally. As you vacation, would you place a book in the hotel room where you stay, leave it at a restaurant, or give it to someone you meet? This past week another copy was left in New Orleans. Remember that even though it’s just one book, God can do a lot with just a little and when He gets it into the right hands, lives are changed. It is like putting a message in a bottle, and then sending it out to sea. Consider  giving a copy with your message inside the cover and see what happens. Then, email me or post here to let me know – the city/state or city/country – so that I can track where the books are placed. So far, we have books placed in five states and eight countries. Will you join us?

2018 Denver Colorado
2015 Weston Florida
2017 Weston Florida
2018 New Orleans Louisiana
2016 Boston Massachusetts
2015 Cleveland Ohio
2015 Medina Ohio
2016 Toronto Canada
2017 Toronto Canada
2017 London England
2017 Northumberland, Felton England
2017 Berlin Germany
2016 Milan Italy
2017 Glasgow Scotland
2018 Madrid Spain
2015 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
2016 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
2017 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
2016 ? Zimbabwe

Join us and spread the egalitarian message of God’s love and purpose for humanity.

Blessings +

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