Chapter 2: Are the Books in the Jewish Apocrypha Inspired by God?

The fifteen Jewish books of the Apocrypha were written during the four hundred years between the writing of the Old and the New Testaments. That time period is called the silent years, because God did not inspire any writings. The Jews have never viewed those writings as inspired, nor did the early church. They are more like a best-selling Christian book. Such a book may have many good things to say, but there is no guarantee that its teachings are accurate. Yet even though the Apocrypha is not inspired and should never be used to determine the official teachings of the church, it does contain wisdom and it gives insight into the silent years of Israel’s history.


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Incredibly Human: Book Update April 12-15, 2018

Jeff and I had a wonderful trip to Estes Park, Colorado to the WHWC Conference (Wesleyan Holiness Clergy Women’s Conference) at the YMCA.  The YMCA’s resort was beautiful. It is an ideal family vacation spot with horseback riding, miniature golf, roller skating, and hiking. However, since the weather was still a bit nippy and windy, we primarily just stayed inside and enjoyed the lodge’s beautiful outside views.

Our book table was placed at the backside entrance to the auditorium – where there was very little traffic – however, we were still able to make several wonderful connections. It was our first promotion at a conference and we learned a lot.

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